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Beauty and Melody Shop is a certified stockist of all the brands available on our site and is a Destination Stockist for GHD. All items available for purchase on this site are 100% genuine and come to us directly from the manufacturers. Up to 30% of products available for purchase online are now thought to be counterfeit, you can rest assured that anything purchased from our site is the real deal.

Counterfeit products, being unauthorised replicas of the real product often of inferior quality, are intended to benefit from the higher value of the product they imitate. Globalisation has brought this process to a new level. The production of counterfeit consumer goods now constitutes a separate industry which makes profit by either deceiving customers into thinking they are purchasing a legitimate item or convincing them that they could deceive others with the imitation. Numerous brands are fighting legal battles against businesses and websites for allowing or promoting the sale of counterfeit items.

By purchasing counterfeit goods you bring illegal, potentially dangerous and/or defective products home, reward organised crime and force legitimate companies out of business. Here are some tips on how to identify fake products:

1. Buy products from authorised, reputable retailers and distributors.

2. Watch out for ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deals and discounts.

3. Do your research prior to shopping on a new website: check online reviews, address in contacts, return policy, spelling and grammar on the site pages and URL (watch out for slightly changed spelling of well-known brands or shops), ensure secure payment.

4. Check the product and its packaging. Compare it to the original or to the description and images on the brand’s website. Beware of little differences in pattern, colour, font, texture, etc., poor printing, spelling mistakes, missing batch code numbers or cellophane wrapping.

Enjoy your safe shopping.

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